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"Don't know how we got along with out this unit, we are making an extra $2500 per year using the meter and we are more professional" Dyno Shop owner in Tennessee.


"Blew three engines before I bought one of these, it makes tunning easy and fast, but most importantly accurate"   Drag Car owner Calf

"The real deal, came out of the box working" Pro Tunner Texas

"Have bought two units, one for the Dyno Shop & one for tunning at the track" Dyno Shop Owner - Tunner  in Florida

"I make an extra $200 per weekend at the strip helping others solve their fuel problems, only problem is I don't always beat THEM anymore"  Racer in New York 

"With over $8000 invested in my engine, I velcro mounted mine to the Dash" Racer in Calf

  "Because I run a Blown, Nitrous Mustang, I tunned the car for a rich mixture. When I bought this Meter, I found out that I was way too rich. Leaned it out to the right figure and picked 38hp and my EGT actually went down. Extra fuel was burning in the header at the EGT location." 1000hp Racer in Calf.

"Phil, the owner at The Dyno Shop, shipped the unit the same day I ordered, and was available by phone the next night at 8:30pm when I had a few questions. The unit is easy to use. I made 20hp more." Racer - Tunner in ILL.

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Below is a table containing Air Fuel Ratios for different fuels read by the AFR-PRO

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